Family Operated

Rick Ludwig is a licensed Funeral Director and has been in the employ of Kitching-Steepe Funeral Home since 1995 and has been a resident of Waterdown since 1993. Rick and Denise and their three children, Danielle, Matthew and Jilliann live in the two story apartment above the funeral home.

"We're very excited that Ron and Eleanor have given us an opportunity to continue in the rich tradition that they adopted from the Kitchings, family ownership and operation while living at the funeral home. This hearkens back to the establishment of funeral service in Ontario and suits the needs of our community well. Denise was raised above a funeral home, and we began our married life living above a funeral home. As a result we are well acquainted with this living arrangement.  Twenty two years ago I started in funeral service under the mentorship of my father-in-law, Henry Sieders, and what impressed me most was the opportunity to personally serve people in a time of great need, and the reward of their appreciation and the personal connection that resulted. This remains the driving force that also propelled us into this venture.

People often question funeral directors as to how they can endure working in such a sad environment. I always respond that I can't imagine a more fulfilling occupation, assisting people in a difficult time all the while encountering life's big questions; the significance of today and what is in store for the future. As a Christian family this profession becomes more of a vocation as we serve families from varying backgrounds and beliefs. We do not take for granted the confidence that is placed in us to attend to the funeral arrangements of someone's loved one. If you stop to think about it, that is quite an honour."

"We assure you that what the community can expect is more of the same; personal service and commitment to meeting individual needs. The funeral home name was changed to Kitching, Steepe & Ludwig Funeral Home Limited in 2004 because we believe this change to the name recognizes the foundation this business was built on in the work of the Kitching and Steepe families and it also marks the commitment to continue family ownership in the future.


The staffing arrangements have expanded, with long-time employee Keith Waller serving as a senior funeral director, Greg Luxon joining the home in 2006, Henry Sieders in 2009, and Garnet van Popta in 2011.  Ron Steepe remains available by appointment, as he enjoys retirement.  Denise Baynton joined the funeral home in 2005 as Bereavement Counsellor and has expanded her role as Family Care co-ordinator and most recently as a Funeral Celebrant."